What is Piickme?

Piickme is an on-demand ride sharing service application that helps people to reach their destinations in a very quick and convenient way using the shared vehicles registered under Piickme Ride sharing app. Also, a driver (here we call “rider”) can earn some extra cash by sharing his ride using Piickme app.

How can you earn?

Get registered as piickme rider. Log in to the Piickme rider app, accept Piickme request from your nearest user and carry the user to destination safely and get paid in cash or other payment alternatives.

What are the requirements to be a Piickme Rider?

To be a Piickme rider you must to have BRTA registered motorbike or a car and a valid driving license, copy of NID/Passport and other documents as per government requirements.

How to Register?

You are required to provide your driving license, vehicle documents and your national id along with your personal info to get registered on Piickme as a rider. You can register yourself by downloading Piickme app and follow the step by step instruction. You can also call us for help@09609212121.

I want to know about the payment systems?

You can use your bKash/Rocket account as the payment method and your payment will be processed by 24hours except bank holidays. We will also add more payment channel in future based on the demand.

Is there any Educational requirement?

There is no requirement of academic qualifications but have to ensure your driving skills, gentle behaviour and professionalism.

Is it a job?

Yes. This is a job with complete freedom! Ride-sharing is an independent profession and we believe in self-independency. Our goal is to ensure the maximum income with convenient work hours for you. No Boss, No Obligation. You can earn any time using Piickme without any obligation.

I don’t have a bike or a car, Can I get registered as Piickme rider?

Sorry. Now you are not eligible to be a Piickme rider as you don’t have a vehicle. But we register the interest of those people who do not have a vehicle but have a valid driving license.

Is it available outside of Dhaka?

Right now we are operating our services inside the Dhaka metropolitan area but we are launching our services on other regional cities very soon.

What is the base fare and fare per km on Piickme Ride share service?

Bike Service: Base fare BDT 25, BDT 12 fare per Km, BDT 0.50 per minutes & Minimum fare BDT 50 Car Service: Base fare BDT 50, BDT 20 fare per Km, BDT 3 per minutes & Minimum fare BDT 70

Do you have a customer care hotline?

Yes. You can reach us@09609212121