What is Piickme?

Piickme is an on-demand ride sharing service application that helps people to reach their destinations in a very quick and convenient way using the shared vehicles registered under Piickme ride sharing app.

How to registrar with Piickme as an user?

Download the Piickme user app from google play store or apple play store by following the step by step instructions, finally open and use it.

What types of vehicles are available on Piickme?

Right now you can enjoy motor Bike and Car ride sharing services.

Is it available outside of Dhaka?

Right now, we are operating our services inside the Dhaka metropolitan area but we will launch our services on other regional cities very soon.

How to use Piickme promocode?

Go to the menu on top left corner and choose the apply promo option. Type or paste your promocode there and tap on the apply button. You can enjoy special discount on your ride.

What is referral code ?

A referral code is a unique number assigned to your account. You can use this code to refer your friends or acquaintances to use Piickme and get rewarded!

What is Piickme wallet?

Piickme wallet is a virtual payment method, which you can use to pay your rider for Piickme ride and also you can get special bonus in Piickme wallet. This service is not available right now. We will notify you when this wallet service is on.

What is the Fare structure on Piickme ride?

Bike Service: Base fare=BDT 25 for first two km, After first 2km=BDT 12/km, On ride premium +waiting charge=BDT 0.50 per minute. Minimum fare BDT 50. Car Service: Base fare=BDT 50 (for first two km, After first 2km=BDT 20/Km, On ride premium +waiting charge=BDT 3 per minutes. Minimum fare BDT 70.

What is Ride confirmation code?

Ride confirmation code is a Unique Code, automatically generated by system on Piickme user app. User needs to give the code to the rider to start a ride on Piickme.

Why to choose Piickme over other Ride Sharing apps?

Only Piickme uses Ride confirmation code, which makes Piickme ride more secured and convenient to user. Piickme ensures you with trained and professional rider and we do not permit vehicles without fitness certification that makes us confident to serve with the best.

What are the payment options?

You can pay for your ride via cash and other mobile banking service as Bkash, Ipay etc.

My app is not showing updated features or not working properly! What can I do?

Please install the updated version of Piickme user app from google play store or apple app store

I am not getting OTP through smsfor account activation, what can I do?

Please call our customer hotline@ 09609212121 for manual activation.

Do you have a customer help line?

Yes. Our help line number is 09609212121. At this moment you can reach us from 9am to 9pm everyday.